Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Going to watch 52 movies this year.  Last did this in 2004, 4 kids ago, last year with no serious work or job, last year I could wake up at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning and watch fourteen episodes of The West Wing and eat leftover Jake's pizza and then go to a class where people talked very intelligently about books they'd read maybe only to the title page.  I've missed a lot of movies in 10 years, so most of the movies are going to seem ancient to you cineastes.  It's true:  I'm way behind you.  But I'm catching up.  Reviews in fewer than 100 words or you can break my balls.

Movie #1:  The Descendants

Trying hard to think of a George Clooney movie I haven't liked.  I'm even counting the Batman movies and that movie he made where he saved the world from nuclear apocalypse and even all of the Ocean's movies are pretty great.  Loved this one.  Have a soft spot for the quirk that Alexander Payne throws into his movies.  None better than the stoner boyfriend with a heart of gold, Sid.  Movie stalled in the final third but I still enjoyed it.


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